Productivity Powerhouse Workshop

Another brand NEW workshop by Debbie Ireland!

One of Debbie’s well known trademarks is “Getting Sh*T Done!” and here she presents personal methodologies that work so well for her, that she has created and perfected through years of research and practice .

Debbie’s core focus is around “designing the life you want” and discovering the best ways to achieve more with less. Debbie has created this Productivity Powerhouse Workshop where she teaches us all to be the our own architects of our days, weeks and years, becoming the person WE want to be. Read on for more ideas.

Creating Powerful Habits that Work

  • Do you start the year with a list of goals, that never get done?
  • Do you wonder why the habits you work so hard to implement – fail over time?
  • Is procrastination your biggest challenge?
  • Would you like to become more productive in general?
  • Do you have times where you just feel overwhelmed – or burn-out or disengaged?

The workshops focuses on how to produce outstanding results for yourself and those you support and work with. It is centered around creating good habits (or replacing bad ones!), working on processes to support them, and seeing the results.

The day is full of practical exercises and take away tools and techniques to embed your learning. For those who want extra accountability, ongoing online sessions provide this challenge.

The Productivity Perspective dives into the three dimensions of EnergyTime and Focus and the consequence of these on your own individual performance and wellbeing.

Explore proven methodologies to avoid overwhelm, build resilient practices, and form your own personal productivity blueprint. Overcome procrastination, create good habits, supported by solid processes and replace bad habits.

Course Outline

Session 1: Energy

This session starts with WHY, your core purpose and meaning behind the things you do.

  • Begin with person empowerment, raise your awareness behind your WHY.
  • Define WHO you want to become within specific goals, and what beliefs you hold.
  • Embrace the Power of Choice
  • Understand the impacts of Being Present on Energy, Health and Productivity

Session 2: Time

How do we manage time to be most effective and overcome the overwhelm of ‘never enough’ time?

  • Explore ways to improve your own time management while also working effectively with others.
  • Learn Personal and Team Task Management Techniques
  • Establish new habits for productivity including making your ‘to do’ list your ‘success list’.
  • Make sense of Time Blocking Methods that work for you.

Session 3: Focus

Learn about the power of attention and being able to control, where your focus lies.

  • Switch saying no, to saying yes to the things the matter most.
  • Enjoy a goal setting session, visualising and defining a plan in an imaginative, yet structured way of WHAT you want.
  • Look at the processes that will support and form good habits, the HOW to achieve your goals.
  • Learn techniques for dealing with procrastination.
  • Get to the bottom of digital and mind distractions.
  • Learn about Rules Routines and Rituals for Reaching Results, sustaining energy levels and motivation.

Session 4: The Productivity Pivot

Realise the benefits of combining all three perspectives, understanding and overcoming the challenges when they are out of balance.

  • Explore the impacts of only working with 2 of the three dimensions and strategies to overcome these.
  • View productivity in a holistic sense, including your role and relationships with those you work with.
  • Learning when to use what tool, with powerful process improvement.

Your presenter : Debbie Ireland

Read about Debbie here.

This course will be offered, as a full day course at a number of locations around New Zealand, as an in-person offering – and an online option will also be made available.

A course schedule will be published in April. In the meantime join the mailing list to receive more information.

Take the first step to better habits today!

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