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Passion for Productivity – have you found it?

Outlook Categories as a way to focus – at the gym!

The other day I was at the gym. I have a great Personal Trainer and as another small business owner, our conversations often revert to things we are learning or can improve! We share the passion for productivity! We were discussing the challenge of distractions. I had an old bad habit of jumping to attention every time an email arrived.

I was explaining how I use categories in Outlook. If I classify emails in my inbox and sort by category, I can work through (for example) all the ones classified as customer first. This keeps me focused, even when new items come into the inbox.

However, one doesn’t work without the other. I can categorise things but if I haven’t changed my behaviour – I still get distracted. It is then that I realised I need both.


My passion is about, reading, learning trying out new things to make what I do more effective. I also live by the mantra, unless I can use it myself, I won’t teach it! I remember being excited learning OneNote for the first time and how it was a game changer for the way I worked. I love it when simple things like leaving a glass next to the sink, builds the habit of drinking more water.

Now, every change or habit I want to embed, I look for how I can combine productivity gains with Microsoft 365 to help support them. It is even better, when I can show someone else and it makes their day! That’s what lights me up and why I am super excited to bring a brand new Productivity Powerhouse Program to you.

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Why do I personally have so much passion for productivity?

I have always been a fan of productivity – but what’s in it for me personally?

** I want to get more out of my day and the limited hours of my life.

** When I am drowning in “to-do lists”, I lose my creativity. Balancing the perspectives of time, energy and focus keeps me in the “flow”. That, in itself ensures I am productive.

** To spend time with people and doing fun stuff, I need to be efficient with my time

** Achieving the things I want to achieve, means being effective .

Every day, every action, every habit – It is my choice. This IS my life by my design – so I can choose how I want my days to run.

What about personal development – building YOUR passion for productivity?

Quote by James Clear about Habits and maintaining them - all adds to passion for productivity

I loved the quote in this picture. The picture is taken at the stunning Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand, with my beautiful daughter, Sophie as my model.

Building habits that last takes work. We focus on change so much at work but it ALL starts within. You need the right mindset. I get the best results, when I build in learning time just for me. Books that raise my self-awareness and dedicated time to the power of passion in my personal development.

I recall reading somewhere about treating your body as a lab, when it comes to dieting and health. This is because only you can test what’s right for you. Everyone is different. Habits, time management styes, the way YOU work and can be most effective is no different. You need to test out lots of different things to find what works for you. That is certainly what this program allows you to do. It will encourage skills you may not have refined or even discovered as yet. Specifically, it helps to set some new direction (yes we have have goal setting as part of the course!).

So please let me introduce – the NEW Productivity Powerhouse Program!

This is a 10-week online guided discovery through time management techniques, personal goal setting, and learning to effectively focus. This is intermingled with the necessary technology tools (with Microsoft 365) to build habits that last! It dives into the “Productivity Perspective” looking at the impacts of time, energy and focus and finding your balance. Improve your passion for productivity with us.

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Why the program?

Lots of people ask us about when to use what particular Microsoft 365 app. Some are confused in how to make the Microsoft 365 tools applicable in their work. Our how-to virtual classes answer these questions, however the Productivity Powerhouse Program also takes you through the steps of building better habits, using the Microsoft 365 tools. In addition, it shows you how to make these changes an intrinsic part of your daily life.

This takes time AND accountability. We looked at offering this as a one-day workshop, however it didn’t have the same impact. I have found, it is the ongoing approach to instilling new habits, that produces the results. Having weekly check-in sessions, acquiring new skills, and having time to try it out, is what will make the long-term difference. Furthermore, it will ensure you embed the new ways of working. Consequently, we formed the 10-week program.

If you just want to upskill in the technology side, our courses go into the how-to detail and show real life examples. In contrast, this program makes it personal. You will develop new habits, manage your time more effectively, recognise energy triggers, and focus on you as an individual.

The Productivity Powerhouse Program has been created to teach us all to be the architects of our own days, weeks, and years, becoming the people WE want to be.

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