Who still reads paperbacks?

I finally got around to unpacking a box of books on the weekend, some that have moved with me, through numerous homes, over many many years.

These books, through all the de-cluttering and minimalist stages, I couldn’t bring myself to throw out or give away! I will lend most definitely, and I like to have them just to pick one up, when the mood takes me, for some particular reason, to a specific book. So it feels GREAT to have them accessible again!

It reminded me how important reading is to me – and how often I do it, for learning, for relaxation, to escape, to motivate me! It also made me wonder – of all the different mediums, with reading these days – how do others manage all the information we get? and what do others like to do? and read? Does anyone still read paperbacks or have we all turned to electronic mediums?

I was amazed at how MANY ways there were to consume knowledge.

Old fashioned Paper copies

These just feel good, and as above, I treasure the books I have and the reminders they serve when I open the well worn pages (some even dog-chewed) and bring back memories of when I last read it, and what I was going through at the time, and what I learnt.


I love my Kindle for the plane, on long trips where I can choose depending on my mood, a novel or self-help book. I know regardless of device it knows where I got to. I also like the fact a Kindle serves a single purpose – not like a phone or iPAD, that people use for lots of things, but JUST to read books – back lit, and simple, and made for just that! So it works.


I also have a ton of audio books, on the go, at the same time (again mood dependent). Zig Ziglar coined the phrase “Automobile University” – given the many hours we all drive, we can get educated, informed and inspired. And this is SO true – I actually look forward to my 3 hour commutes to Auckland where I can listen to something – uninterrupted.

My only complaint here is that I want to take notes, and my coffee stops end up a mass of quick recalls on things I wanted to remember – maybe there is an easy way to make audio notes, that then email you later??

Online – Blog Posts, Articles and Sites

I haven’t been huge of following certain blogs, although subscribe to some and have used google many times, when searching for answers – and blogs are often the best way, to follow threads, and hear peoples stories – an awesome way to learn!

The length is so important, or you will lose me…

Other ways

  • Magazines – I never get these any more (except a Horse one for my daughter when she is home!) I read them at the hairdressers
  • Newspapers – hard copy – never and it bothers me at the waste when they are delivered to a hotel room
  • Printing…more for work perhaps, as I still find reading a printed document easier than online at times

So I am intrigued – whats your story?

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