What am I currently reading?

I just finished The Leader Who Had No Title – Robin Sharma. I have enjoyed Robins books and this , like his others, is very much in story-telling style, with strong characters, as he takes you on a journey of life lessons.

LOTS of great take-away’s, lessons and acronyms 🙂 . Have to admit, the change of accent, in the narrator was a little off-putting haha – not sure he could pull off the Spanish lady so well!

This made me think of things I do, but also about my team a lot, and how we can ALL excel, in our roles, no matter what they are OR if they are part time or fill in jobs…most importantly maybe it is the way we look at leadership (and think it is limited to only those in leadership/management roles) but Robins emphasises life is actually about self-leadership – and therefore crucial to us ALL.

As Robin says “leadership is about expressing our absolute best as human beings” – I liked that!

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