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Book Release – Work-Life Balance My Arse!

Kindle eBook and Paperback now available

I am thrilled to announce my new book is now available! Take a look at the foreword by David Downs. I do believe this book will provide massive value to many people – in these times, more than ever. I hope you personally find a gem or two to take away and wish you all the best on your own journey to contentment.

Thank you! Enjoy, Debbie

Work Life Balance My Arse

Work-life balance is not just a hot topic – it’s a deeply misunderstood construct. We are told we should be striving for that elusive balance, the answer to feeling stressed and overwhelmed, finding happiness and contentment.

However, this quest for balance is futile. Attaining work-life balance is impossible. This book dispels three myths associated with work-life balance:

  • That work and life can be separate entities
  • That balance implies success happens in the middle
  • That work-life balance is a destination

Debbie provides inspiration to unpick the myths and to really think through what work-life balance means for you.

Each chapter provides practical steps you can take to identify what “matters most” to you, to integrate your work and your life in ways that work for you and are true to your values, and to live with a greater sense of purpose. Understand the myths, release your struggle for perfection, and enjoy the journey to creating a magical life for yourself and those you love.

“Loved, loved every page! Along with the powerful message of being able to overcome anything, achieve your dreams and goals and doing this while living a life filled with abundance, I appreciated those moments in the book to pause, absorb and then having to reflect, define and imagine, allowed you to put things into practice immediately. Knowing Debbie she is proof that she practices what she preaches and lives that life she has carved out for herself to the full❤️”

Danielle Huinink

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NOTE: Organisational change and transformation is only made possible with personal transformation. If you want to think about providing this book as a gift or part of a well-being program within your company, please contact Debbie directly. We have a special rate for orders 10 and over and are in the midst of launching a complete program to Recharge your team.

Debbie Ireland

Known for being a courageous catalyst for change, Debbie is a respected leader in the online collaboration space. Debbie regularly presents on digital transformation, highlighting the vital people aspects of change to engage people in new technology. She also blogs and speaks about work-life balance (and the associated myths) and her own self-development transformation journey. Debbie lives in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Kindle eBook and Paperback now available

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