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The Power of Now in Nelson- Roadshow Stop #6

For anyone joining this blog post series, I am on a roadtrip around NZ, while also working, presenting sessions (and training) on Office 365 and Microsoft Teams at the Digital Workplace Roadshow - perfect way to enjoy some work-life balance! See the related list of posts at the bottom. The blogs include my pics and travel stories, feedback from locals and a "Recharge" segment on something you will hopefully find inspirational :) Enjoy!

Where am I?

Nelson seems to have it all, stunning landscapes, golden beaches, a thriving community and business centre and lots to do. Sunshine hours beat most other places in New Zealand also!

What our Nelson community says!

We asked those who attended the sessions at DWR for some feedback, this is just a few of the comments we got:

Favourite thing to do in this location

  • The great outdoors – three national parks with Great walking tracks
  • Great beaches
  • Plenty of bike riding opportunities
  • Craft Beer!

Fun thing people don’t know about Nelson

  • It’s the geographical centre of NZ
  • It’s home to Pic’s Peanut Butter World
  • 4th busiest airport in the country
  • Lots of the streets are named after naval battles
  • One of the worlds only natural bolder banks – Te Pokohiwi

Exploring I did!

See the images below, with captions and click to see the full image.

I was joined by Stephen in Wellington, where we crossed the Cook Strait to Picton. Layla stayed in the campervan. I was excited to see the South Island, surprised at just how much I was enjoying the travel, the campervan, and taking the time, to explore new places.

We traveled to Havelock, the Greenshell Mussel Capital of the World. Sanford, the large harvesting and processing operation must work 24 hours, as my sunrise walk was busier than usual! The coffee was great, and the people friendly in this quaint little town.

We then made our way around to Cable Bay, stopping at beautiful reserve for quick walk – Pelorus Bridge. There is just something that is so hard to explain about our native bush – the fresh earthiness, lush dense foliage and multitude of greens – quite special! Cable Bay has its own story about being the first place in NZ in 1876, to connect us to the world via telegraph cable!

When I am not freedom camping, I usually opt for campsites a little outside of town. They are more relaxed and usually have great walks nearby. Mapua, in this case was a good choice. There were great cafes and restaurants nearby, and a wild and windy beach to explore, as the storm headed into Nelson.

Recharge Segment – Being Present

Living in the now, being present and mindfulness are all becoming an essential part of daily practices. The benefits are proven, but WHY should we put so much focus on being present?

These are my 5 most compelling reasons, that bring me back into the NOW.

Elevated Energy Levels

Have you noticed how tired or lack-lustre you feel, if you are not living in the present?

When you dwell in the past, thinking about things that went wrong, sadness, guilt, or remorse – you put yourself THERE, instead of right here and now.  This takes energy – lots of it!

The same applies, with living in the future, where emotions, time and energy are wasted on things that may never happen, all beyond your control. That too zaps your energy.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift and that is why it is called the present!


Being fully present, elevates the effort and contribution we give to something and therefore energises us. TRY IT! Focus for a day, on being present in every opportunity, you will find your energy levels soar!

Boosted Productivity

I learnt a long time ago, that the most productive meetings, are those, where everyone is present. I have at times, actually had everyone, get up, leave the room, and come back in and re-start the meeting. This ensures that everyone is not still thinking about the meeting they just went to, or the work waiting at their desk.

Once focused the meeting can go as planned, and be so much more productive. This can be applied to any task or activity – time spent with children or friends and partners. Think about conversations with your family, and how much more productive they are without phones in hands! People are focused, in the moment, and listening! There is an excellent article on phone culture here.

Clarity of Mind

Meditation brings innumerable benefits, one of which is focus. Perhaps that is why I have found it so hard. Thoughts from the past and the future cloud my focus. It is only when you release all those thoughts, let them float in, and then out, that you gain some form of clarity.

Sunrise in Havelock

With a clear mind, this clarity is directed into the present, making all efforts from therein productive. I have friends, who actually take time throughout the day, to “re-focus”, They disappear to the sick room at work or their car, for 5 mins of mindfulness, and come back less stressed and more productive.

We think MORE time equals MORE productivity. I am sure we have all been known to skip any morning rituals of exercise and meditation to instead get some work completed. I would guarantee, that on these days, rather than achieving MORE, our energy is fragmented. Our ability to focus and be efficient is impacted and all in all we get LESS done.

Try instead starting the day, with a the clarity of mind that meditation (or some form of mindful practice) brings. See how much more aligned and smooth running your day becomes.

Essential Essence

I have been reminded by my travelling companions on this trip about not rushing – in fact my friend wisely suggested we take a few minutes of mindfulness in each place we stop.

With all the beauty of the New Zealand South Island (and wherever we all go), the walks, the nature, the new experiences, there is SO much to soak in. Who knows when or even if, we will ever be back. This is all the more reason to stay present. 

We all take photos! I have LOVED taking and sharing the pics I take, and these create wonderful memories to look back on. Photos themselves have us focus on where we are and seeing the beauty there and then. They also become TOO much at times. Tourists stand in line to get the perfect “insta-moment”. We are constantly taking snap after snap or sharing on social media and we lose the gift of the moment.

What is more important than the pic, is the time to be FULLY present; embrace the smells, the scenery, and breathe in every sensation. You can capture the picture, but it is the feeling, the essence, that will hold for you. Then when you look back on photos, you are taken back to that feeling, the experience in that place provided for you.

THAT is where the true reward lies!

Snap the shot but don’t miss the moment.

Debbie Ireland

These are the good ole days!

Life always seems so busy. We rush through life, mornings, relationships and we miss the most precious moments – those right in front of us.

We look toward the next big thing/ milestone/ project before the last one has even finished. We plan for when the kids to grow up,  the next holiday, thinking about WHEN the house is paid off, or the next new job, love or party. A nice little video to watch on this is here.

THEN, when we reflect in later years, we realise THESE are the good ole days’. Today, right now, we are living and creating the good ole days’. I love the song by Macklemore that says this well.

I recall reading (not sure where!) about how watching your 6 year old son play soccer, is not the same as taking him as an adult to see a World Cup match. Think on that, time is something we cant get back.

There is ALWAYS something on, always something to think about and do, so we need to MAKE time for the moment. Take time to stop, slow down, hit the pause button and make space in order to appreciate what is in your life now.

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