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Thankful for Tauranga – Roadshow Stop #1

For anyone joining this blog post series, I am on a roadtrip around NZ, while also working,presenting sessions (and training) on Office 365 and Microsoft Teams at the Digital Workplace Roadshow - perfect way to enjoy some work-life balance! See the related list of posts at the bottom. The blogs include my pics and travel stories, feedback from locals and a "Recharge" segment on something you will hopefully find inspirational 🙂 Enjoy!

Where am I?

Stop one on the Digital Workplace Roadshow is my home – in the beautiful Bay of Plenty – Tauranga. The name Tauranga is a Māori name having the meaning of safe anchorage or resting place.

Our mountain is Mauao. Mauao is the sacred mountain at the entrance to Tauranga Harbour. Its name, meaning ‘caught in the light of the day‘, comes from the legend in which Mauao was once a nameless mountain, spurned in love by the beautiful mountain Pūwhenua. Also called Mount Maunganui, it is an extinct volcano, and is at the end of a peninsula with a stunning beach.

The locals call it The Mount, and climbing it (no easy feat, great workout, about 30-40 mins round trip, ~230 metres high), is most definitely a must-do if you visit, and soooo worth the view.

This climb was listed, by a large majority of people who attended the roadshow, as one of their favourite things to do in this location.

What our local Tauranga community says!

Again, from the feedback from those who attended the sessions, this is just a few of the comments we got:

Fun thing people don’t know about Tauranga

  • The best PYO strawberry farm is in Oropi
  • It’s not just a city of newly weds and nearly deads!
  • The people are awesome
  • It has everything to keep you smiling; Sun, Sand, Surf

Favourite thing to do in this location

  • Mount beach at sunrise
  • Walk around/hike up The Mount and walk on beach (I think about 80% of replies had something like this – and yes one of my favs for sure!)
  • The Barrel Room
  • Swim at Poripori falls
  • Spearfishing!


Included in each blog, I want to write…not only about the people and the places and the gems I find, but also one little piece of ‘recharge’.

I am, very thankful to be living in Tauranga, a place I love to call home, and all the benefits it has. Therefore, today is about gratitude. While gratitude is talked of often, the value of it really can’t be underestimated. I wrote about about gratitude in my Top 4 Tips blog, in fact it was my Number 1 Life Tip.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you visit, how rich or broke you are, how busy and overwhelmed you are…everyone can find time daily for gratitude. This would have to be my one go-to, saviour, remedy, single piece of advice, the first item in my ‘magic kit’ and main must do….

Start small

It is what we focus on that grows, so focus on the smallest things to be grateful for, and see them blossom. Sometimes it is simplest to truly appreciate the places we live, the people we have in our lives, the opportunities presented to us, being in a warm home, having the support of a loving partner or friend.

When we focus on what is in our lives now, instead of always wanting for more, we realise how much we actually already have and our lives become incredibly rich 🙂

Change it up

I loved this blog and how they talk about the science behind gratitude – sometimes just a journal and being thankful or grateful for the same things gets boring, so change it up! Read the blog for ideas, but here a few of my own.

Start a jar. Sophie (my daughter) and I did this for a year. We took little coloured bits of paper, wrote an item of gratitude (or sometimes achievement) and then put them in our big glass jar, whenever we felt like it – sometimes when big things happened and sometimes little things. At Xmas, we opened our jar, and reflected and read them all – SOOO cool, as you forget all the things that happened, and can relive those moments and it is so nice to reflect and be grateful all over again :).

Think of the why more – rather than just a word of gratitude, give more meaning to the thing you say you are grateful for – for example – my gratitude thoughts for today….

  1. Nature – WHY – it is time to smell the roses and breathe the air. When I am outside amidst nature, it is so much easier to be in the moment – no electronic devices, just nature at its best – however it is: rain, sun, cold and hot. I can enjoy the leaves changing colour, birds chirping, smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of waves crashing. It all adds context and brings about feelings that being indoors can’t. It is that simple and its free!!
  2. Knowledge – WHY – I really appreciate people sharing their personal experiences, giving their ideas, and wealth of expertise – I am grateful for all the books I read or listen to, insights gleaned in conversations, and tidbits I learn from all kinds of sources.

Change it up, notice the difference and see it grow.

Recharge Time

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