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Happiness in Hamilton – Roadshow Stop #2

For anyone joining this blog post series, I am on a roadtrip around NZ, while also working,presenting sessions (and training) on Office 365 and Microsoft Teams at the Digital Workplace Roadshow - perfect way to enjoy some work-life balance! See the related list of posts at the bottom. The blogs include my pics and travel stories, feedback from locals and a "Recharge" segment on something you will hopefully find inspirational 🙂 Enjoy! 

Where am I?

Hamilton (Māori: Kirikiriroa) is a city in the North Island of New Zealand. It is the seat and most populous city of the Waikato region, with a territorial population of 165,900, the country’s fourth most-populous city. (Source: “>Wikpedia).

Initially an agricultural service centre, Hamilton now has a diverse economy. Education and research and development play an important part in Hamilton’s economy, as the city is home to approximately 40,000 tertiary students and 1,000 PhD-qualified scientists.

What our Hamilton community says!

We asked those who attended the sessions at DWR for some feedback, this is just a few of the comments we got:

Favourite thing to do in this location

  • Hamilton Gardens was the TOP favourite thing! Hamilton Gardens is the region’s most popular tourist attraction. (I have to admit, I have never visited, as much as I go to Hamilton often!! I have now added it to my MUST Do list – as I hear it is stunning and I LOVE botanical gardens. Interestingly they are something I set out to find in most cities I visit – beautiful, out in nature, usually great for long walks or runs, safe and FREE and such a pleasure to see the hard work and passion contributed by so many to provide us with these all over the world.)
  • Walking the river walk ways was mentioned MANY times
  • Wakeboard on Lake Karapiro
  • Beach time at Raglan

Fun thing people don’t know about Hamilton

  • We are also called the Tron
  • It is the chlamydia capital of NZ (not sure I wanted to know that but it certainly hit the list!)
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show was written here! I never knew this , but explains the statue of Riff Raff, and that movie/musical was an all time favourite of mine in my teens! The Riff Raff statue is to honour the fact that Richard O’Brian (dual citizen of UK and NZ) found inspiration for ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ right here in the Tron. Along with the statue are instructions on how to do the iconic “Time Warp” (again).  I am going to have to do that on my next trip!
  • We have excellent ice cream – Duck Island
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One of the favourite things to do in #hamilton #dwr

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Happiness VS Joy

My little recharge reflections for this post, are about happiness. I have had some interesting conversations of late which spurred me to write this!

Someone asked me if I had ever experienced joy – real joy and it got me thinking about what happiness was, and how it differed to joy.

If we first take happiness; many people can say they either are happy, or have experienced being happy, the key word being experience or perhaps feeling. We experience happiness from external stimulus, triggered by activities we do, people and our reactions, events that take place or material things. For example “I was so happy when I passed my exam, won, a deal, got to visit Greece, bought a new car”.

Most people find it easy to give examples of happiness and when they show it, everyone knows about it, as the display of happiness is also external. Happiness is transient and comes and goes.

Joy on the other hand, seems to come from within and has a more spiritual connection. To me it is contentment – being at peace with who I am and where I am at in my life (in all aspects). As a state, joy is stronger than happiness and longer lasting. Imagine the joy of seeing your child for the first time or being in love. Sometimes it is more about selflessness, expressing gratitude or doing something for someone else.

I love closing my eyes walking on the beach, breathing in the sea breeze, and listening to the waves (or being in a New Zealand native bush, feeling the cool air, inhaling earthy scents and hearing birds singing) – pure joy at just being right in the moment……yes contentment…and inward jubilation :).

It surprised me, to discuss, in this same conversation, that sadly many people don’t experience joy. They are forever in pursuit of happiness and satisfaction from external events and pleasures, but never realise the real stuff ALL comes from within.

Finding happiness, a little like thinking positive, is futile. That is however, another blog – if you are interested in those thoughts, take a look at Mark Manson. He writes some great books of self-help for people who hate self-help books. (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and Everything is F*cked) .

Today, be content with today. Create the time – for JOY! Thank you for reading. (and if you like this sort of thing, and wanted more good energy, inspiration, there are some great things being shared on our Recharge Time Community Group in FB – here.

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