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The book – What people are saying about “Work Life Balance My Arse!”

I released my book “Work Life Balance My Arse” just over a week ago, and have had some fantastic feedback. These are a few reviews from people who have read the book.

Practical Wisdom

Work Life Balance My Arse by Debbie Ireland is a book that is so needed at this time. It’s my belief and experience that there is an abundance of stress, unhappiness and depression because we have confused our priorities in life. Debbie’s book addresses the imbalance in priorities from her own personal experience and her journey of recovery in clear concise language with practical steps and advice.

I was drawn into each page by her honesty and sound solutions. These are not pie in the sky answers but practical wisdom to make life’s journey more enjoyable.”

-Kristine Baker

Succinct Messages

“I thoroughly enjoyed Work Life Balance my Arse. Easy to read with succinct messages and actions for living the life you want.

This little book had a calming effect and reminded me that we are all a wonderful work in progress and everywhere there is beauty if we choose to see it and live by the MAGIC!”

Katrina Jackson

Living Proof

“Loved, loved every page! Along with the powerful message of being able to overcome anything, achieve your dreams and goals and doing this while living a life filled with abundance, I appreciated those moments in the book to pause, absorb and then having to reflect, define and imagine. It allowed you to put things into practice immediately.

Knowing Debbie she is proof that she practices what she preaches and lives that life she has carved out for herself to the full ❤️

Danielle Hunink

Lots of Lightbulb Moments

“I’m not sure if this is your first book but I’m picking it won’t be your last – I have read it all and there were lots of lightbulb moments as I related it to my own life and career journey.

In particular, you took the pressure off me ‘needing’ to have a purpose and instead use a lunchbox (love that) to capture what’s important to me and do that now, not in some parked and distant future. I love your own story woven into the messaging and the practical gems that I plan to come back to.

If I’m honest, most books of a similar vein to yours I will read the first few chapters and then skim the rest. Not the case this time. Congratulations, and thank you. Look forward to reading the sequel!”

Susan Jamieson

Available Now

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The eBook price will stay at just $US4.99 for another week – so grab a copy or let anyone else you think may benefit also know.

OR if you live in New Zealand or Australia and would like a paperback, you can order here.

Enjoy! I look forward to any feedback or please place a review on Amazon.

“It paints the colours of her brave journey”

Work Life Balance My Arse! is not only jam-packed with punchy, bursts of wisdom and great insights, Debbie’s intimate, personal stories and reflections paint the colours of her brave journey, which artfully brings her truths to life. 

Like a bright flare released into the night sky, it illuminated parts of my inner landscape that resonated with chasing the elusive work life balance, and brought me back to the opulent now.  

It’s peppered with gems that spark the imagination, and offer practical strategies for discovering what “matters most”, taming the chase, and living in news ways that can only but yield magic.  

No matter who you are, or where you’re at, there’s a kaleidoscope of value for all of us in this big little blue book.”

Bonita Nuttall Speaker, Virtual MC, Communication Coach & Mentor

Relatable and Relevant

“If you’re in a balancing act between work & life, read an honest account from someone who has tried & learned that life should lead before work. Debbie Ireland’s newly launched book is relatable and relevant. Catch life in all it’s colour before the dawn”.

Darrell Webster

Kindle eBook and Paperback now available

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